Many people underestimate the importance of grip training. Whereas, it is one of the foundations that other training (deadlift, pull-ups, baseball pitching, racket swing, or even handshake) build upon. You can improve your grip strength with these few simple exercises.

1. Towel hanging:

To do this, grab a pull up bar and get your feet off the floor. Try to do some chin-up style with your palms facing you, pull up style with palms facing away from you, and hook style with fingers gripping the bar (thumbs and palm off the bar) and lot more.

2. Extensor training:

Get a rubber band, slip it over your fingers, allow it to stay behind you phalanges and open your hand as wide as possible. Make it challenging by adding more rubber band.

3. Plate curls:

Plate curl is a perfect way to build wrist and finger strength. Take hold of a weight plate of suitable poundage. Grab it in your palm with your thumb over the top, and your fingers stretched over the bottom.

4. Pinch grip:

To do the pinch grip, make and alligator mouth with your hands and pick up a 90lb. plate pinch or a slightly heavy plate. All fingers are stressed here but your thumb tends to do more work. This is important as the thumb is a key role player in a strong grip.

5. Hand grippers:

Are an excellent way to build a strong grip. This is done by closing your whole hand around something. There are measurable handgrippers and there are heavy grippers from steel, although they are way more expensive.

6. Farmer’s walks:

To do this farmer’s walk, grab a pair of dumbbells that are considered heavy grippers from steel for you, walk around or stand in a position for 30 seconds. It strengthens your grip muscle.